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Now on sale! brand New Sealed DVDs 488 piec Paranormal Ufology RRP $7320 $750 Central Florida on sale

Now on sale! brand New Sealed DVDs 488 piec Paranormal  Ufology  RRP $7320  $750 Central Florida on sale

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Published 15 of July / 01:45hs
Province Florida

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488 Brand New, Sealed DVDs - Paranormal, UFOlogy (8 Separate Titles) - Sell on Amazon for $15 - $20 each.

Priced at only $15, this lot has a retail value of $7320

Brand New, Sealed DVDS.

Andrea Perron - House of Darkness House of Light. Andrea Perron is the real person living in the demonic house from the blockbuster movie, The Conjuring This DVD is a 2 hour interview with Andrew Perron, describing the true events that occurred in her house.

Paola Harris - UFOs: An International Perspective. Respected author and journalist, Paola Harris speaks at Starworks USA Conference regarding her theories on UFOs, aliens and government conspiracies.

Karyn Dolan - Life of a Contactee. Radio host and author, Karyn Dolan, speaks at the Starworks USA Conference regarding her experience with extra terrestrials.

Brandon Kreitzer - PAST, Present and Future. In this docu-interview, Brandon describes the real danger and his experiences whilst investigating haunted locations.

Grant Cameron - UFOs and Consciousness. Speaking at Starworks USA, Cameron discusses his theories on how UFOs, Extra Terrestrials, Consciousness and ESP are all connected.

John Ventre - The Case For UFOs. Hangar 1's John Ventre speaks at MUFON in length regarding the overwhelming evidence and historic cases that prove that extra terrestrial life exists.

Thomas Reed - The Willow Tree. A docu-interview covering the historic Reed UFO case which has also been covered on television shows in the past.

Paul Selig - I Am Word: Paul Selig channels his sources via his mediumistic abilities and passes on messages of wisdom. Filmed at Through The Veil conference in Atlanta.

These DVDs are currently selling on Amazon from $14.95 - $19.95 each.
These DVDs are brand new, sealed and have no damage.
Direct from the production line.
Incredible deal for resellers, wholesalers etc.
Retail value of $7,320
Your price ONLY $750 for the lot

Encourage pick up as the boxes containing inventory weigh/measure as follows:

Box 1: 64lbs 18x18x24
Box 2: 22lbs 9x31x11
Box 3: 19lbs 16x12x13

Postage via USPS Parcel Post would be approximately $220

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